Upcycling Artificial Turf
Upcycling Artificial Turf

Upcycling Artificial Turf

When it comes to unique home decor and landscape design, upcycling old building materials, fixtures, and reclaiming lumber have all been a part of the process for a long time. Another option for your next creation is used artificial turf from professional sports stadiums. This is quite a unique recycled product with numerous uses – indoors and out.

Reclaimed Artificial Sports-Turf Quick Facts

There may be some misconceptions when it comes to artificial turf – visions of the thin stuff on rolls at your local hardware store may pop up first. Imagining that stuff used and abused can quickly deflate the idea of using it. 

Recycled sports-field turf is quite another product. This is scientifically engineered turf that is designed to look, feel, and act as real grass. Alongside, the product is made to take a lot of abuse and last for 15-20 years. Because professional sports organizations have very strict standards for the turf that they will play on in stadiums, this product is generally replaced in very short intervals. What this means is that there are thousands of square yards or professional-grade turf, with decades of life left, that is being removed from stadiums consistently.

There are a handful of companies that remove and then offer this used turf for sale around the United States. They generally have all of the materials and supplies needed for the DIY’er to tackle their turf project fairly easily. These products and resources are available online with home delivery.

Recycled Turf For Home Projects

The potential uses for artificial turf in home décor and landscaping are nearly endless. It truly comes down to a unique vision and thinking outside of the box. Even for utilitarian purposes, this grade of used turf material will stand out as a quality addition to any space in which it is used.

There is also ease of installation. The installation procedure for artificial turf is fairly simple and straight forward. As with most of all projects, planning is key. The backbone of the project that will lead to realizing the given vision.

Lastly, the main aspect of utilizing artificial turf is maintenance. No special maintenance is required. You can re-use a product that was headed to a landfill and then further helps by reducing water and chemical use that most lawns require. When comparing costs over a ten-year time frame – artificial turf saves you money in comparison to lawn maintenance costs over that same time frame.