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Transforming Houses to Homes through Home Decor

We buy our dream house or build one only once in our lifetime. While choosing a house of our deams, we consider whether the rooms get enough light or not, are the windows big enough or not for sufficient wind to enter and so many other things. Until we get all the boxes checked in our “Want” list, we don’t seem to settle for anything less.

Just like a house transforms into a home with the love and warmth of the family members, home decor makes the space within the four walls of your home feel like an impression of your own self.

Home decor inspirations can be drawn from literally anything! Whether its a memory of a dear one or an personified version of your self, whether its a memory of a place you visited or the place you grew up in, if you have an idea, there is always a way to implement it through home decor.

There are so many ways of incorporating finer details in your home decor. You can use your favourite colour to paint your favourite wall in the house, hang your favourite pictures on the walls or a vintage clock to complement your personality. You can add a statement chair or a sofa having a pop colour to brighten up your space.

Now, colours and furnitures play an important role in home decor. These elements of decor set moods to your personal space. If you are an admirer of heritage architectures, you can include an old wooden trunk or a book shelf inherited from your grandparents. If you are in awe of modern architecture, you can go ahead and purchase a lampshade or a television unit that exemplifies smart designing.

If you have a small space, choose a lighter colour to paint your walls. Light colours open up a space and create the illusion of a bigger space than what it is. On the other hand, if you have big rooms, paint one wall of the rooms with a darker tone to have a play of contrast. It is not always mandatory to buy expensive home decor items for your home. Do some brainstorming and come up with easy DIY home decor ideas to give your home a fresh breath of creativity. Home decor is nothing but customising your home according to your taste. So pull up your socks, and decorate your home, because as the saying goes “Every house has a story of its own” and its your job to make your house’s story worth listening.

Article by Namratta Sarkar – She is content writer feel free to contact her for any kind of content writing work.