Top 5 Best Power Tools from Makita

Makita Power Tools
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Power Tools: With the advancement in technology, people are getting more and more advanced in terms of work too and now opting for helping hands in the form of power tools.

Power tools save you valuable time and make your job a lot easier. Keeping your bag full of the top power tools is a smart decision.

Otoolestools brings you the top power tools for Makita, which is a well-known brand having factories all over the globe.

Makita was founded in 1958 and in just over a half century, the company has become successful in establishing itself as a strong reputed manufacturer of power tools. The most interesting fact about Makita Power tools is that the tools are manufactured in a blue and black color scheme that distinguishes them from the other brand tools.

Top 5 Power Tools Offered by Makita

Power tools are easy to carry from one place to another and include tools like saws, rotary hammers, drills, angle grinders, drilling machine and many more. The top 5 best power tools from Makita are listed below.

Makita GA9020 230 mm Angle Grinder


Makita GA9020 is the updated version of the models 9067/9069. What differs it from it Makita 9’’ series is its durability, comfort and control improvements.

It is capable enough to handle any hard stone and metal cutting jobs.


  • It is highly robust and durable.
  • It has a large trigger switch which makes it very easy to operate.
  • The Makita 230 mm grinder has tool-free wheel cover adjustment lock which allows for easy adjustments.
  • It is ideal for heavy-duty cutting and grinding.

Technical Specifications:

  • Bore diameter: 22 mm
  • Input wattage: 2000 w
  • Spindle Size: M14x2mm

Makita 4329 Jigsaw

Description: 5684-1862

Makita 4329 Jigsaw is best suited for light duty activities and mainly used by the professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


  • It has three orbit settings to suit alternative material
  • It has a tiltable base through which bevel cutting up to 45 degrees is possible.
  • The jigsaw has a rustproof smooth, rigid aluminum base and slides over the workpiece.
  • It is lightweight and has a constant speed control feature.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input wattage: 450 W
  • Length of stroke: 18 mm
  • Maximum Cut in Wood: 65 mm

Makita HR2630 SDS Drill


The most important difference of Makita HR2630 over its predecessors is that it has a better mode switch which enables you to go from rotary to hammer mode and vice versa without even rotating the chuck.


  • It has easy-to-grip handles which are designed to give maximum power thrust.
  • Makita HR2630 rotary hammer offers three operation modes: hammering, hammering with rotation and rotation.
  • It consists of the one-touch sliding chuck which allows easy bit change.

Technical Specifications:

  • Overall dimensions: 361 mm
  • Input wattage: 800 W
  • Power supply cord: 2.5m

Makita 5903R Circular Saw

Description: Makita 5903R 240 V 235 mm Circular Saw

The Makita 5903R Circular Saw has a riving knife which is best for timber cutting. It is the redesigned model of its predecessor 5900BR.


  • This circular saw has a durable aluminum base, electric brake, and easy height adjustment feature.
  • It consists of rollers for smooth and scratch-free function over the material’s surface.
  • It comes with the feature of efficient sawdust ejection port and dust extraction facility.

Technical Specifications:

  • Bore diameter: 30 mm
  • Input wattage: 1550 w
  • The depth of cut: 85 mm

Makita 9404 Belt Sander

Description: 5769-1947

If you want a professional sander to work and short larger sanding tasks, Makita 9404 Sander belt is the right product for your needs.


  • It comes with low noise at 85 dB and high dust collection capacity.
  • When in operation, the sander belt adjusts itself without any adjustment.
  • It is double insulated for safety reasons.
  • The electronic sped dial in Sander belt allows the user to match the rate of sanding to the individual jobs.

Technical Specifications:

  • Belt size: 100×610 mm
  • Input wattage: 1010 w
  • Belt speed: 210-440m/min

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