The Most Important Types of Hand Tools

Hand Tools
Hand Tools

Hand tools are a very important part of our day-to-day lives. It refers to the tools which can be used by hands and does not require any electrical power.

If you are trying to fix something, then you will surely require hand tools to accomplish your task. These tools are developed with high quality and are offered by the leading manufactures in Ireland.

Have you ever imagined your house, garage or a professional toolbox without any hand tool? The answer to this is quite simple. Every house owns some kind of hand tools to perform household tasks like repairing, fixing etc. These tools are so sufficient that nothing better has been invented than them.

Here are the most important types of hand tools that everyone should have. Having these at your hand will enable you to accomplish your professional demands or DIY needs.

  • Screwdriver

Screwdrivers are the must-have tools in the tools utility kit. They comes in various shapes and sizes. Amongst various screwdrivers, two are very common and mostly used. One is an x- shaped screwdriver and the other is flathead screwdriver.

The screwdriver is used to turn or remove screws. To put a screw into your wall or wood or to open your switchboard, you will require screwdrivers for all these functions.

To help you perform all the functions, you will require a set of a screwdriver. A 6 piece screwdriver set whichpossesses all the basic elements should handle your everyday tasks. It is developed with durable materials and is cost-effective.

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  • Hammer

A hammer is used to deliver high force on a small area. This is another important hand tool for every house owner.

To put your favorite picture on the wall, to drive a nail, you require a hammer for all these functions.  Usually, the hammer is used for nail driving, but this is not the only function of it. Hammer can be used to join some parts together, assembling certain objects etc.

Out of various best-manufactured hammers available in the market by the leading manufacturers like Estwing, Bahco, Silverline we recommend you to buy Stanley Claw Hammer that meets your requirements.

  • Wrenches

It is a double-ended hand tool with an open an open end and is used to tighten or loosen fasteners.

They are helpful in bike repairing or assembling furniture where it can be used to tighten nuts and bolts. A box-end wrench works well in loosening of stuck fasteners.

There are different types of wrenches available like an adjustable wrench, open-end wrench, short-body wrench, combination wrench, pipe wrench etc. Choose the one as per your needs. Check out the Bahco Wrenches with all mentioned styles and get your job done.

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  • Pliers

This hand tool has two metal jaws connected closer with two handles. It is used for a variety of tasks like joining or removing a pipe or to unscrew something.

Vise-grips and needle nose is the common pliers among all the pliers that are used by the majority of the people. The primary function of the pliers is to hold the object firmly to perform the task like opening or sealing a nut. The users can also this tool to bend the elements like wires or thin nails.

To buy the best among the variety of top pliers, we recommended you to go for pliers like Irwin Vice Grips or Silverline or Stanley pliers.

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  • Measuring Tape

This hand tool consists of a metal or ribbon strip with measuring marks on it.  These tapes are used in taking wall or room measurements.

If you are painting your home or require any new furniture, you will first need to take a measurement for which you will require measuring tape.

This is one of the most important must-have handle tools that everyone should have. Having a precise dimension is very important for the foundation of any project.

The most used and the customer’s favorite choice is a 5Mt/16-foot Stanley Tape Measure.

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Choosing an expert to perform all these functions will be very expensive. Why not go for a cost-effective method to perform the small works at your home with these hand tools.

Buy the best one according to your needs.