solar Energy Contractor
solar Energy Contractor

20 Things to Look for When Hiring a Solar Energy Contractor

Are you looking for a solar roof energy contractor? You may be wondering how to evaluate all your available options. Here are the steps to take when hiring a solar energy contractor:

20 Things to Look for When Hiring a Solar Installer

  1. Is the solar energy contractor nearby?
  2. What are their ratings and reviews?
  3. Is the contractor licensed?
  4. Is the solar contractor certified?
  5. Obtain free quotes and consultations
  6. What is their experience record and how long have they been in business?
  7. Are they full-service or subcontracting?
  8. Is there a dedicated project manager?
  9. What are the different options available for your home?
  10. What warranties are available for which products?
  11. Determining insurance requirements and coverage
  12. Calculating final cost estimates, local incentives, and tax credits
  13. What are the available financing options?
  14. Does the contractor have experience handling utility agreements?
  15. Will the solar energy contractor maintain the equipment?
  16. Obtaining a schedule of activities or timeline plan
  17. What permits and inspections will I need?
  18. Who files all the paperwork?
  19. When is the first payment due?
  20. Reviewing the contract