Ideal Room
Ideal Room

My Ideal Room – A Story of a Girl Room

There are many places one can go but there is only one place where an individual can calm and feel whole. HOME. This is the only place where one can be in their true form. There is a famous Quote by Jane Austen, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” That is so apt. When you think about comfort what does the first thing come in your mind? The bed, furniture, walls, dining room, and what not? For me it’s my room.

My room is airy and spacious, it has a queen sized bad placed in the center with the headboard attached to it. There are two bed-side tables made out of Mahogany wood, where I keep my books to read and one for my Laptop and accessories. Pastel walls give a feeling of classy and girly at the same time. There is a large window on the right of my Bed, so when the first sunlight directly caresses my room. Its so good to have the Sun itself wake you up in the morning. Only wall behind me is filled with the pictures of my loved ones, the one I call the Lifeline Pictures. The pictures are placed in the shape of a heart and light pink starry lights are surrounded in the heart-beat shape. So, when I switch on the starry lights, the room you can see that the heartbeat and inside the heart, there are pictures of my loved ones. The door to my bedroom is made of wood and is white in color which gives a contrast to the pastel walls. The closet in my room is big enough to store three big suitcases and has a top compartment for to keep other stuffs. The high ceiling of my room has one fan and four in built lights, to keep the room illuminated in every corner. There are other in-built cupboards made which has a glass door, where I can keep show-pieces and mugs. The dressing table in my room is kept near the closet, so its easy to get ready for any party or occasion. the dressing table is made of wood and has a full mirror on the handle and inside there are shelves to keep my cosmetics and shoes. There is a small chair with a cushioned seat Infront of the Dressing. The rug in my bedroom is made of white fur and the soft strands attached to it gives a feeling of petting a big Teddy bear.

There is no clock in the room as it does not help me in sleeping and the white curtains of my room are long enough to touch the floors.

Article by Priya sharma – she is a content writer and student. She love to write on Home things.