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DIY Tools

My 25 Essential DIY Tools

One of the tougher decisions in life is to decide whether you should do some repairs yourself or get certified assistance. While all the other aspects may vary, one aspect is constant: doing it yourself saves a ton of money. This is why we have compiled a list of 25 must-have DIY tools.

Owning a home is not an easy task. Maintenance of a house is tricky, and small tasks keep coming up, which are important enough for your attention but not alarming enough for a contractor. This is why the ability to do odd jobs in a house is a crucial ability to have. To do so skilfully, you need a good arsenal, a good DIY tools kit. We have compiled a list of the best tools to own for someone.

While you may gather a lot of tools over the years, we are listing 25 tools that are must-haves for any amateur.

1. Screwdrivers

We will start with a tool that is one of the most versatile and used quite frequently. Whenever someone talks about DIY electrical tools, screwdrivers are bound to make an appearance.

2. Claw Hammer

From one of the most used electrical tools, we go to one of the most used DIY tools for woodworking. A claw hammer is a hammer that has a head for hammering and a claw for taking out nails.

3. Measuring Tape

This tool is usually the size of a hand or smaller and has a steel or aluminum reel-like ruler that can retract back to its body. Measuring is extremely important in any activity, and this tool is extremely important.

4. Flashlights

While most people consider them to be emergency lights, they are still very much tools and extremely handy whenever one needs to operate in a dark or dimly lit place.

5. Pliers

There are various kinds of pliers which are required for different purposes. All-in-all, they are extremely important to reach places you cannot and also help when working with electrical wires.

6. Utility Knives

While utility knives don’t find themselves in most people’s DIY tools ideas, they are extremely versatile and are always useful. They are also extremely safe to use.

7. Extension Cord

Once again, something that people consider an emergency backup item, extension cords are extremely handy and can be used in a variety of situations.

8. Wrenches

There are two types of wrenches: an adjustable wrench, and a combination wrench set. Both do the same amount of work, but adjustable wrenches offer you more range.

9. Putty Knife

This is a plain straight blade and is used to apply mud and cement, and fill cracks. It is also used for scraping old paint.

10. Caulk Gun

Not many people have a caulk gun, which is used to easily dispense the caulk, which is the stuff you use to seal gaps and cracks.

11. Level

It is an ingenious tool that has an air bubble inside a lot of liquid, which you can see through glass. It is used to determine whether any surface is level or not, hence the name.

12. Ladder

Your roofs are not easily accessible. In addition to it, many jobs that will require you to get high and steady, which getting on your toes won’t allow. This makes a ladder necessary to have around the house.

13. A Staple Gun

Whenever you are working with hosiery or any temporary fixtures, staple guns become lifesavers

14. A Glue Gun

A hot glue gun is a blessing for people who want to give their homes a creative makeover. Additionally, they also help in kids’ projects.

15. Spray Paint Gun

While the name sounds interesting, it is actually an adaptor that can attach to any spray paint can. It is one of the best DIY tools for painting as it helps to do paint jobs faster and gives a smoother finish.

16. Duct Tape

While normal tape wouldn’t qualify as a tool, duct tape isn’t a normal tape. It is super strong and is a temporary fix for almost anything.

17. Pry Bar

This is one of the best demolition tools out there as it helps to pull items out of hard objects.

18. Paintbrushes

Good paint brushes come in handy a lot whenever one has to do any paint job.

19. Square

This is a tool shaped like an L, having a right angle. This is used to create perfect angles and draw straight lines.

20. Sawhorses

These are frames shaped like an A and are used to support items like plywood, making them easy to cut. If you get 2, you can put a wooden board and get an instant working station.

21. Handsaw

Much of the housework has to deal with woodworking. A handsaw is a perfect tool for cutting through most wood and is much safer to use than a chainsaw.

22. Stud Finder

You don’t want to hang something heavy on drywall, only for it to come crashing down. This tool helps you find the wooden studs behind drywalls for hanging heavy items.

23. Drill

A drill is extremely useful for making holes instantly. A drill set will come in handy more than you can imagine.

24. Toolbox

After getting all these amazing tools and more, you will need a DIY tools holder so that they don’t go missing. A sturdy toolbox is what you need.

25. Safety Equipment

We want you to be safe when working. Always have heavy-duty gloves, plastic gloves, safety goggles, dust masks, and even earmuffs. Your safety is paramount while working.


DIY tools can come in handy in any situation. They are useful for maintaining your house, repairing small stuff around the house, repairing your cars and gadgets, and sometimes, just for home decoration. While these are a few tools that you must have, there are many more advanced tools and require more care and precision, which you may end up acquiring over the years. What was your first DIY experience? If you know any DIY tools hacks, please tell our readers and us in the comments section down below.

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