Makita Vs Dewalt: A Brief History of Two Big Players of Tools

Makita Vs Dewalt
Makita Vs Dewalt

A high-quality and long-lasting tool is what you require, whether you work in industry or working on DIY projects.

Whether you buy tools online or from the market, the very first thing to consider is the brand. With a number of brands available out there finding the best one is very difficult. And the most common dilemma faced by many users is to decide between Makita and Dewalt – Two Big Players in the Tools Industry.

Both brands are highly reputable and make all kinds of tools that are used by all DIYers and professionals across the globe.

But when these two big brands founded and how they evolved over the years to offer us the best tools experience. We will highlight the history of Makita and Dewalt in this article. Read on further to know about these brands.

History of Makita

The Initial Days

Makita has been in the tools business from over a century now. It was founded in 1915 and is one of the oldest power tool manufacturing companies in the world.

It first started as an electric motor repairs company in Aichi, Japan. The company was founded by Mosaburo Makita which explains where its name is derived from.

By 1935, Makita exported electric motors and generators to the Soviet Union. In 1958, it became the first company in Japan to design and market portable electric planes.

Expansion and Growth over the Years

By 1969, Makita became the first company to develop a cordless power drill with their 6500D battery-powered drill. Other notable key milestones achieved by Makita over the years are listed below.

1978 – The company launched the first nickel-cadmium battery tool – 6010D rechargeable drill.

1981 – Makita launched AN5000 pneumatic mailer and AC6001 air compress which was first air tool.

1996 – Launched 6213D rechargeable drill at the Chicago Hardware Show. (This tool was the first nickel hydride battery tool).

2005 – Development of the 40mm rotary hammer which uses anti vibrations technology.

2010 – Development of model TD133D Cordless Impact Driver with a brushless motor.

Makita has been rapidly expanding over the years by opening its branches in various countries from Brazil to the US.

They incorporate the latest technologies and innovations in their tools, and that’s what makes Makita tools more useful and highly durable.

History of Dewalt

The Initial Days

The original company was founded in 1923 by Raymond E. Dewalt, who was the inventor of the radial arm saw. The company was based in Leola, Pennsylvania.

In its initial days, Dewalt focused on the production of the Wonder-worker machine, which was an electric machine that can be configured in nearly 9 different ways.

Expansion and Growth over the Years

In 1940, Dewalt began a period of rapid expansion that gets it into various government projects, where it was required to make tools for national and defense machinery requirements.

In 1949, American Machine & Founder Company purchased this company and sold it to Black and Decker in 1960.

Black and Decker rebranded the company to Dewalt.

In 1990 – Dewalt entered into a new market by introducing their first portable power tools for professionals and DIYers.

In 1994 – Dewalt completely revolutionized the tools industry with its 30 new cordless power tools, which include 14.4V cordless drill which was most powerful during that time.

By 2001 – Dewalt was selling more than 200 models of power tools with more than 800 accessories, and till now it continues to bring more and more tools in the market annually.

Dewalt offers a variety of power tools, hand tools, air compressors, and always incorporate the latest technology to build its products.

Dewalt has opened its branches in the USA and various other countries across the world. By 2015, it had 7 branches in the USA alone.

In 2018, Dewalt released cordless lawn mowers that use the power of 20 – 40V batteries.


Makita and Dewalt are the tools industry leaders trusted by millions of woodworkers, professionals, and DIYers.

Comparison of Makita and Dewalt is a very tough task, as both are great brands on their own. The products offered by both the brands are of top-quality and highly durable.

To decide between the two, some characteristics like a battery, motor power, storage, and accessories can be taken into consideration.