Let Your Personality Shine Through Your Room (Budget-Friendly)

A home is not made by the features. It is made by the love and the people staying in it. This is true. Being said so, it does not mean you ignore the way your house looks. Everyone wants to stay at a place where it is not only comfortable but, also aesthetically appealing. Every house has its pros and cons. However, you can hide its flaws and also try making it beneficial to you. This article will help you change the mood of your home, without breaking your budget.

1. Nail the first impression at the door itself – You can paint the door a bold and glossy colour. Some colours are favoured in certain cultures and are considered as good colours. You could even paint colours that represent happiness and warmth.

2. Paint the walls a neutral colour – Neutral walls are convenient as they go with any colour of wall accessories. Neutral colours also give the impression of a larger house. If you want each room to have a different colour, you can change the colour to one or two shades up or down the colour chart.

3. Let your chairs be placed to initiate conversation – In hotels, the seating area is arranged in such a way that they look inviting to conversations. They are usually arranged in U or H shapes. Also, do not push your furniture up against the wall. Keeping the furniture away from the walls, make the room seem larger.

4. Let the sun enter the kitchen – Fabrics that are lightweight, such as, cotton, linen, and silk, should be preferred. This will make the kitchen look brighter and also inviting.

5. Hang at least one mirror in each room – Mirrors reflect and we use this to our advantage. This means light is also reflected in the mirror. This can make the room brighter. But, do not place the mirror in the wrong place. Put mirrors on walls perpendicular to the walls with the windows. If you place the mirror on the wall opposite the mirror, it will bounce the light directly out of the window.

Also, take care to maintain the appearance of the wall accessories or the kitchen utensils that are placed in the open. A few coats of paint and polish is a cheap and convenient option.

Article by Ayushi Dey – she is a passionate content writer and love to write on many niche. Thanks