Important Tips for Choosing the Best Heat Gun in 2022

Heat gun
Heat gun

Heat gun sounds like they are going to be the coolest power tool in your tools collection, right?

Well absolutely! It is the most versatile and extremely useful power tool. Whether you are a DIYer, constructor, or jewelry maker, a heat gun is the handiest tool for numerous applications.

Heat guns come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Each of these has a slightly different purpose and varies in the amount of heat produced.

With a handful of features, a hand tool has become the must-have tool for everyone. A gun can be very hazardous if you fail to pick the best heat gun. So, for smooth and safe functioning, it is crucial to pick the right heat gun.

In this article, we will highlight the important tips for choosing the best heat gun in 2019. Consider these tips while you are shopping for the heat gun.

  1. Temperature

The temperature range varies for different shapes and sizes of the heat gun. It depends on the making capacity and the model of the heat gun.

While most of the hot air guns stream heat from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, the industrial heat guns provide more temperature.  So, first, analyze the temperature you will require before making a buying decision.

  • Power

There are two kinds of heat guns available in the market – corded and cordless. Most of the heat guns are electrically powered and come with a cord. These corded heat guns have several feet extension wires.

On the other hand, cordless heat guns are portable for remote projects. So, always have a look at the power consumption of the heat gun before you use it on the job.

  • Temperature Settings and Level

First, decide the kind of work you are doing before buying a heat gun. If you are working on bigger projects, you will require hot air guns with high temperature. But if you are working on some small projects, then you will require low temperatures heat guns.

  • Infrared

If you want to avoid toxic inhaling fumes, then infrared heat guns are ideal for use. These heat guns use infrared instead of hot air. The temperature of these heat ranges from 400 degrees to 600 degrees.

  • Safety Measures

Safety is of primary concern while you decide to buy a power tool for your work. A heat gun can prove to be very dangerous if you choose the wrong one. So, buy the hot air guns that come with certain safety features which include an automatic sensor. With this feature, a heat gun will automatically shut down when the temperature reaches to the dangerous level.

Some heat guns also come with auto-calibration and a stand to make it cool. Never compromise with safety when you buy these tools.

  • Size

The size matters in everything that you buy and for a heat gun, it is a very important point to consider. The industrial heat guns are comparatively powerful and larger than the other heat guns. They are used in large construction projects. They have high temperature and power.

On the other hand, the small-sized heat guns have low temperatures and power. They are mainly used for home improvement works.

  • Nozzle

There are different types of nozzles available in the market. They are listed as a cone, glass protector, built-in-scraper, fishtail, flat, and spoon reflector. Nozzles play a very crucial role in getting your job done precisely. Choose the nozzle depending upon your requirement.

If heat guns are not used properly, they can be proved very hazardous for humans and animals. We advise you to go through the instruction manual and adopt safety measures while using heat guns. Call OtoolesTools to buy heat guns at reasonable prices.