How to Waterproof Your Cordless Power Tools

Cordless Power Tools
credit: nemopowertools

Most of the electronic devices and tools will not have waterproof technology and this will lead to severe damages if they plenty of rain or water. This creates difficulties to use those tools during the rain or when they are left in water. 

Cordless power tools are expensive but rain does not know the waterproof, expensive or inexpensive tool, it will just destroy it. There are still some methods to make the cordless power tools to be safe even when they are exposed to rain. 

What are cordless power tools? 

The word cordless refers to the tools that are operated using the battery without the need for lengthy wires. On the other hand power tools are electrical or electronic devices that are actuated by an additional power source and use the mechanism other than solely manual labor using hand tools. Most commonly used power tools are the electric motors. 

The method of waterproofing the cordless power tools

It is a simple process; you just need to remove the battery to open the side of the drill. Now, have a comfortable conformal coating at the inner side of the drill and this is created as the protective layer. This also helps the electronics to stay protected from harsh foreign elements. 

The coating can be done using the silicone or lacquer and make sure you apply them 2 to 3 times to have a more safe coating. Now, open the battery to do the same process if necessary. As the next step take the electric insulating compound or dielectric grease to apply them liberally over the tools that are in contact with the battery and also on the battery. This helps highly in protecting the electrical parts that are connected in the tools form corrosion and electrolysis. 

As our finish this process it means that your tools are now ready to work even in rain without any damage. You can place them in water for any emergency purposes and work with them. However, make sure you take them inside immediately you finish your works in order to avoid some complications in cordless power tools. 

How the power tools and water work?

The power tools are impacted by water in a quite different way. When the power tools separated from the battery, there is the risk of rust. Water will affect the power tools in the same way as it does affect the other metallic products. Exposure to water will reduce the lifespan of the tools. And the danger is that any lingering water might cause much bigger problems than you think.

Final thoughts 

Whatever the electric or the electrical tools is, it is necessary to deal safely with them since those tools are the great ones if you are appropriately using them. In case if you fail to handle them without cautious there are lots of misshapes possible to happen in the later stage. Technology is always there to help the human but at a particular point human need to deal with it. Make sure you follow the appropriate measures and have the great use of such tools to reduce your works efficiently!