How to Store Power Tools and Hand Tools in Basement

In most countries, sometimes, they have to contend with damp conditions in their basements. It happens, as stuff gets mold and mildew, and that will become a significant problem.

In your basement, it’s a good place that you can utilize the space to store your power tools and handy tools such as a cordless drill, hammer, handsaw, spanners, and many others.  However, it will depend on the size and shape of your basement. Other tools can survive on the conditions of the basement, and others don’t. But, when you store your tools, you have to ensure they are properly kept and safely in the basement.

How To Store Power Tools

If you need to keep your power tools safe and always in good condition, you can store them in your basement. However, there are various storage ideas that you can use to keep the power tools. You should avoid keeping them on the floor.

How will you feel when you wake up in the morning to start a snowblower but doesn’t work? The mistake you did was leaving it outside for days? This and other reasons are why you have to store your power tools in the basement.

Here is how you should store:

  • Power Tool Storage Rack

If the basement doesn’t have ample space, you should embrace a tool storage rack for your power tools. This is also a smart way to ensure that the power tools at properly organized.

If you use this storage rack, it ensures that you have a proper display. So, when you want to choose a tool, you won’t have to waste any precious time trying to trace the tool. This is, therefore, a suitable method you can use to store power tools.

  • Power Tool Storage Cabinet

The other essential method to store the power tools is the use of a power tool storage cabinet. This method ensures your tools are neat and organized correctly in your basement.

It’s, therefore, an effective method you can use to store power tools. For a storage cabinet, you should consider making one or buying from the store. You will also find some power storage cabinets that come installed with charging capabilities.

  • Hanging Tools

In your basement, you can choose to hang your power tools. This method has a downside as the basement is a place with a high moisture level. The moisture might lead to problems, especially when the power tool is hanged for a long time.

However, to utilize these methods, you should hang your peg boards on your basement’s walls. This is also an excellent method as it keeps the power tools off the basement floor and also well organized.

  • Power Tool Storage Drawers

The other effective method to store your power tools is the use of storage drawers. The drawers are essential because they keep the tools away from the floor.

Depending on the size of your power tools, it will determine the size of the storage drawers you need. It is also a suitable method of storage as it keeps the small power tools away from dust. You can use homemade power storage drawers or purchase one from the nearest store.

How To Store Hand Tools

There are various effective methods that you can store hand tools. These tools have to be kept neatly, well organized, and protected.

With hand tools, there are some recommended practices that you should check before storing your tools in the basement. Some of the things to consider include cleaning, checking damages, and avoid putting them on basement ground.

Here is how you need to store your hand tools:

  • Use Plastic Bins

Most hand tools are small. Therefore, using a plastic bin or box is an effective method you can consider. You should avoid storing the hand tools on the basement floor, and when put in a plastic bin, it becomes an excellent method for these short-handled tools.

This method also shortens the time that you need to search for a specific tool. If you will acquire the plastic bins in full color, it’s essential to label them with a description of the contents to store in each plastic bin.

  • Garbage Can

A garbage can is another method you can use when you want to store hand tools in your basement. This structure is stable and affordable to use.

When using a garbage can, you should tie the long-handled tools with a plastic tie or rope. The knot should also be easy to untie. This ensures the hand tools are well organized in your garbage can. 

  • Clear Mason Jar

Some people would like to spare each screw they have, and others don’t. In your basement, you can’t let small hand tools and nuts stay everywhere. The best system to store these tools is a clear jar. This is also an excellent method for sorting all the miscellaneous items you need in the future.

With clear jars, they are perfect for organizing your small parts. But should be appropriately stored to avoid clogging your basement space. You can screw the lids on their underside of your shelf and then screw the jars there. It’s a safe and effective method to store your hand tools.

  • Hanging Cabinet

If you don’t like leaving your small hand tools such as pliers out in the open, consider buying a cabinet. It’s another excellent and effective method to store your hand tools.

Besides, in a basement where you don’t access alone, there is a risk of theft of expensive tools. For this reason, you should arrange them properly in the cabinet and lock it.

You should also ensure they are neat and well arranged. To do that, avoid tossing the hand tools inside your cabinet and lock. It’s essential to keep them well organized by hanging hand tools on the cabinet’s walls.


There is no magical formula on how you should organize your tools in the right way in the basement. Contrary, organizing power tools and hand tools should be an individual thing. In most scenarios, you will find that placement will depend on the function and frequency of use. Each skill will need different considerations and also different sets of tools arrangements in the basement.