Painting Walls

How to Paint a Room: 10 Steps to Painting Walls Like a DIY PRO

After a few years, all of us need to get our house painted. It is a common practice to hire a painter for doing this task, but this comes with a lot of financial, timing, and availability constraints. Painting is a simple task that doesn’t involve the use of any sharp tool. However, it is not advised for children below the age of 10 years to carry out wall and ceiling paintings. Any average person can paint if he follows the correct steps in the correct sequence.

Step one: Prepare a proper Schedule.

We must adequately plan the days on which we are going to paint so that we can acquire the tools and make sure that the house, school, or office is free, and no important activity is getting disturbed. You must include the time required for the drying of the painted surface as well.

Step two: Make a list of the surfaces and the corresponding colors.

We must make a proper list of the surfaces that we are going to paint and prepare a sequence. We must also list all the colors that we are going to use, to avoid the last-minute rush.

Step three: Calculate the amount of required paint

Before stepping out to the market, we must calculate the amount of paint that we will require to avoid any shortage of color when we start painting.

Step four: Collect all the tools

We must collect all the tools and materials that we are going to need like brushes, apron, paints of all the required colors, sandpaper, an old rag, a scraper, a paint tray, stool or ladder for reaching higher surfaces life ceiling or wall tops, a bucket to mix the paint, wooden stick to stir the paint, roller to give a smooth texture to avoid any interruption.

Step five: Cover your belongings

Before you start painting, cover all your furniture and articles with a plastic cover or an old bedsheet to prevent them from paint stains. You must also wear old clothes and an apron to avoid getting yourself paint-stained.

Step six: Mix the paint

If we are not using a single shade of paint, then we must mix the paint before we apply it, take a big bucket to mix the paint and a wooden stick to stir the paint. All the shades must be mixed well till they become uniform.

Step seven: Paint the ceiling

Whenever we paint any room, we must begin with the ceiling, so that incase the walls get stained, they can be repainted.

Step eight: Apply a uniform coat

After the ceiling is done, we can start with the walls. When you have painted the walls with a brush, use a roller to give a uniform texture to the surface. We must wait patiently for the surface to dry, make sure that the room has proper ventilation so that the surfaces dry quickly.

Step nine: Apply second coat

When the first coat is completely dry, we must apply the second coat of paint to ensure that the color is vibrant and the coating is thick.

Step ten: Clean your hands and the room

Suppose the room has any paint stains, then we clean them on the same day so that the stains don’t become permanent. Even if your hands or any body parts get stained, we must wash it instantly. If your clothes get stained, try cleaning them with warm water. It is advisable to wear proper painting gloves and aprons to avoid such situations.

Article by Vanshika – A Content writer at Aarif Habeeb & Co. A home decor marketing company.