How to Make Your Shower More Secular

How to Make Your Shower More Secular
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Incorporating a few simple decorations can make a difference in the ambience of your shower. These accessories can range from color schemes to plants and art. To maximize your shower’s visual impact, add them to several different areas. Plants add life and freshness to any space. While real plants shouldn’t be placed in the shower, fake plants can be arranged in different ways. One way is to place one plant on each end of the shower, or you can hang several on the bathtub’s wall with suction cups.

Color scheme

When choosing a color scheme for your bathroom, consider nature’s hues for inspiration. Generally speaking, cool tones will make you feel refreshed. Avoid electric blues, and stick to softer shades of blue. They have a calming effect and are also psychologically appealing.


If you’re looking for ways to make your shower more relaxing, consider adding plants to the space. Golden pothos is a popular choice for a shower plant, and its large, colorful leaves and vining stems look wonderful in a ceiling-hung basket or on a high shower shelf. This low-maintenance plant can thrive in damp, filtered light, so it’s perfect for a shower.


Adding art to your bathroom can help you feel more peaceful and zen. Some pieces of art are particularly calming and can even transport you to another place. A framed print of a female nude, for example, will create a feminine atmosphere in your bathroom. A framed print of a tranquil scene is also a good choice.


Adding storage is an easy way to make your shower a more peaceful space. To start, consider using a shower table to store your shower essentials. Shower tables usually fold against the wall, but some even have drawers underneath for additional storage. Small tables are ideal for keeping everything in one place, and they also allow you to stay organized. Put the most-used items on them, and keep the less-used ones in a cabinet. While most tables are made of wood, keep in mind that wood is not a moisture-resistant material, so you will want to keep them away from constant exposure to water.


Mirrors can enhance the atmosphere in your shower and make the room look larger. Mirrors reflect light, giving the impression of more space. They also give a reflection of outdoor scenery. You can use them to highlight beautiful plants and artwork. However, it is important to place them away from unpleasant objects.


Aromatherapy is a great way to make your shower more relaxing. You can add fragrances to your shower head or diffuser to experience their healing properties. There are also shower steamers that release essential oils.

Homemade bath products

If you are looking for more soothing and natural products, try making your own bath oils and bath salts. You can buy essential oils and carrier oils in bulk to make these at home. You can use essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and rosemary for scents that will help you relax and unwind.