How to Get Oak Cabinets Painted White With Grain Showing

Oak Cabinets
Slobo Mitic By: Amy McEvoy

If you have oak cabinets that are showing their grain, you can paint them white and keep the grain showing. However, painting oak cabinet doors white with grain showing minimizes the graining, because paint doesn’t fill in the porous, open grain. Open grain is darker than surrounding wood, so the painted surface loses the contrast and visual representation of the grain.

Filling the grain

Filling the grain of oak cabinets is a simple yet important process for achieving a smooth, flawless finish. While some homeowners like to have the wood grain visible, others prefer to cover the grain with paint. In either case, this process can be done easily. Filler is a simple substance that binds to the surface of the wood and hides the natural wood grain. You can choose from oil-based or water-based varieties.

You can fill in the grain of your oak cabinets using three different methods. The first method involves applying a paste filler in the desired area. This material contains a special adhesive, which will bind the filler to the wood and make it harder. Once the filler is applied, you must allow the paste to dry before applying a clear finish.

Using DryDex

If you are looking to paint oak cabinets white with grain showing, you may be wondering how to go about it. There are a few things to keep in mind before you begin this project. First, you need to understand that the material you’re painting is porous. This is why it’s best to avoid using DryDex on oak cabinets.

To paint oak cabinets white with the grain showing, you’ll need to first sand the cabinet surfaces down. Using a sanding block, sand the surface down to 320 grit. This will remove any dust or debris that may have built up on the surface of the wood. Afterwards, you’ll want to use a dry tack cloth to wipe away any residue.

Using Aquacoat

If you want to paint oak cabinets white but are concerned about the wood grain, you can use Aquacoat. This clear, water-based gel fills in the grain and pores in the wood. It is environmentally friendly and easy to apply. It also works great in hiding the grain. It has a great adhesion and is fast drying. It also covers oak cabinets without sanding or primer.

Although Aquacoat is more expensive, it has many benefits. For one thing, it’s a gel-like consistency, making it much easier to apply. In addition, it’s easier to sand once it’s applied. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this type of finish will not result in flat-panel shaker doors. It’s also important to properly de-grease the cabinet doors to remove any surface contaminants. A good de-greasing product is Krud Kutter or TSP.

Using BIN shellac primer

Before you can paint your oak cabinets, you must first strip off any existing paint. Then, you must apply a primer to your cabinets. Without primer, your paint will not adhere to the wood. Moreover, you cannot strengthen the existing bond by applying another coat of paint. BIN primer is perfect for this purpose. You need to use two coats of the primer, sanding in between coats.

Before you start applying the primer, you should clean the sprayer with ammonia or denatured alcohol. This primer is a good sealer and dries fast. It can be applied to the entire cabinet doors in just a day. However, if you don’t apply it quickly enough, it can get gummy. It is also quite expensive: you will have to pay around $42 a gallon for the product, so you might want to consider using a discount coupon or other promo code to save money.