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They often say “Home is where the heart is” and heart, is indeed artistic! The moment you set foot on the doorway, everything you see inside is the manifestation of one’s mind and creativity. The colors, the materials, the texture; they all define and signify the personality of the artist. Many times, it all represents something deep, things like the colors of walls, the placement of furniture, the types of plants; they say out loud the artist’s creativity. 

Home décor is one of the most integral parts of the house. It not only defines your house but also lets you flaunt it! With so many design styles, it gives a huge pool of selections to chose from and also sometimes to try a little mix ‘n’ match. One of the few styles listed below might even become someone’s ‘soul-style’.

Contemporary Design Style

This style is praised for the fluidic nature that allows the artist to create new designs with the old existing styles and as easy as sliding on butter. 

A spacious design, mixed with neutral colors and either dark or light woody tones gives a very un-crowded theme and makes it pleasant on the eyes. The texture of the cloth and little metallic fillings here and there add a variety to the sight.

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Modern Style Design

 Sometimes confused with the Contemporary styles, this has a very unique twist in it. The colors here get bolder. There a lot of add-ons to the furniture and the lights as well. Here the traditional wood is replaced with steel and metallic figures.

           Teamed with bold colors contrasts, the sleek and straight designs give an overall geometrical theme, giving a sense of symmetry to the eyes, making it pleasing to watch. A few askew placements often help break the monotony or sometimes are there just to be noticed. The wide floor space gives plenty of room to be creative with the rugs and flooring. 

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Scandinavian Design Style

This style is playful, yet minimalistic. Following some of the Bauhaus Principles, it often flaunts the functionality of design over its form; making it more efficient and practical while using fewer materials. 

The designs give a completely natural look, but with some extreme forms of functionality. The materials, the texture, and the shapes are all inspired by the flora and fauna. The placement of an object plays an important role in this design as it defines where the eyes should focus. Fluid lines matched proportion, and gray tones are very efficient at telling where to pay attention. 

Description: Scandinavian Living Room

Such diverse styles made of playful colors and natural materials, it brings out the artist in you while decorating your home. A little mix ‘n’ match here and there can make great attention seeking areas in your home décor.

Article by Siddhant Bhatnagar – A content writer and marketer. Feel Free to contact