Hand Tools Every Kid Should Learn to Use

Hand Tools for kids
image credit: phoenixcontact

Getting tools early in the hands of your kids is the best way to develop DIY skills among
them. The lessons learned by the kids at an early age will last for a lifetime. Learning to use
tools helps in developing a sense of responsibility among kids.
There is a misconception that the tools for kids should not be much sharp as it can hurt
them. However, the dull tools are more dangerous for kids as the child cannot learn how to
use the tools correctly.
With a vast collection of tools in the market should you start?
Here is the list of 5 hand tools that every kid should learn to use. Buy hand tools online and
make your kid a skillful DIYer.

  1. Handsaw
    When your kid is ready to use a handsaw, safety should be the first choice. So, secure the
    wood with vises, clamps, or kid-friendly miter box. The best way to use handsaw by the kids
    is to keep their both hands on the saw. It will reduce all possible causes that can cause
    sawing injuries.
  2. Hammer
    A hammer is a hand tool which is used for putting nails into objects like wood. It has a metal
    heal and wooden handle and is strong enough to withstand for continuous use.
    For children, mark the points on the handle to indicate where to hold from. This point
    should be close to hammerhead. With the development of hand-eye coordination and
    strength, teach them how to use this tool.
    There are many hammers to select from for your kids such as Claw hammer, Warrington
    Cross Pein Hammer, Engineers Ball Pein Hammer, etc.
  3. Cordless tools
    Kids love to build things alongside the workbench of their parents. Using electric tools can
    prove t be dangerous. So, cordless tools are the perfect choice of tools for kids. A cordless
    drill is a popular choice. You can also opt for impact drivers as they are lightweight and are

perfect for small hands. Use smaller batteries for these cordless tools as they are less
expensive and are much easy to use.

  1. Measuring Tape
    Children love measuring everything they can. Measuring tape helps in developing numeracy
    skills among kids. The chunky design and reel mechanism makes the measure tap an ideal
    tool for kids.
    It has metric measurements on one side and imperial measurements on the other side. A
    Stanley 16-ft-33-116 can be the ideal choice to buy measuring tape for kids.
  2. Wrench set
    Bicycles are the kid’s favorite thing to have access to the outside world. With this comes a
    sense of responsibility. Learning to use wrench set help your kids to repair small defects in
    their bicycles. Wrenches are used to screw different size of nuts and bolts.
    To teach your child how to use wrench set, ask him to build a bolt board.

Keeping these tools handy can help your kids to learn the essential DIY skills. But remember,
don’t buy cheap tools for your kids, they broke up easily and left your child frustrated while
using them.