Best 5 Power Tools Used in Wood Construction

Wood Construction

Many woodworkers who just started their wood construction work worry about managing the essential power tools set in their shop with a tight budget.

Fortunately, they don’t have to worry now. There are only Best 5 Power tools that we recommend for a Wood Construction that are must-have and relatively inexpensive to buy.

This article lists the best 5 Power tools used in Wood Construction. Buy these tools and keep them handy to get your construction work easily.

  1. Chain Saw

A chainsaw is a mechanical saw which has rotating teeth attached to a chain. These teeth rotate on a guide bar to cut the materials.

Simply put, a chainsaw has the blade built into a chain which is wrapped around the guide bar. It has an engine that powers the cylinder engine with a battery pack or gasoline. A chain saw requires maintenance and can be used at job sites or home.

Chain saw is especially used to cut large and thicker materials. It can even cut concrete and bricks.

  • Circular Saw

Some people consider circular saw as a carpentry tool more than a wood construction tool. When it is used with a clamp-on straight edge, it can be as accurate as a table saw.

It is perfect for straight cut and also be used for the bevel model which not only have depth adjustments but also have bevel adjustments as well.

The circular saw can be of two types – corded and cordless. It is used to cut a wide variety of materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. It is the most useful power tool that a wood construction worker must-have.

  • Scroll Saw

The scroll saw has large cutting capabilities and mostly used for intricate cuts. Scroll saw is a tool that is mainly used for specialty work such as fretwork, instrument making, and architectural millwork.

It is pedal-operated and consists of a fine blade that cut the materials delicately than the jigsaws or circular saws. Because of the fine blades used in scroll saw, it is used to cut the extremely intricate designs.

It is comparatively safe to use than other saws and must be included in a list of best Power tools for a wood construction worker.

  • Table Saw

The table saw is considered as the heart of any woodworking shop. It has a circular saw mounted below the table with a blade to cut the materials. It is especially used for horizontal and vertical cuts and making deeper cuts that are too hard to cut with any power saw.

A table saw allows controlling the angle of cut by adjusting the angle of the blade. Mostly there are four types of table saws used by the woodworkers which are hybrid, contractor, cabinet, and bench-top.

  • Power Drill

While cordless drill is the first choice of the people, but for wood construction work, a corded drill or power drill is more versatile and powerful than a cordless drill.

The broad uses of power drill include mostly the DIY projects, in metalwork and wood construction work.

While choosing a power drill for your work; there are few things to consider such as the size (whether you need a 3/8 inch or ½ inch drill) straight drill or hammer drill etc.

Choose the power drill as per your requirements and get your job done.

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