5 Things to Consider When You Buy a Jigsaw and Circular Saw

Jigsaw and Circular Saw
Jigsaw and Circular Saw

Jigsaws and circular saws are slowly becoming a fancy of many builders as these tools perform a variety of functions.

Most novice DIYers feels comfortable in using an electric jigsaw and portable circular saw in their day-to-day use.

It’s not surprising that these tools have several features which make them the first choice for both – the home masters and the finishing specialists.

Know about Jigsaw and Circular Saw?

Get a brief about these tools.

What is Jigsaw?

A jigsaw is a lightweight power saw used for cutting wood and composite materials like chipboard and particle board. This tool is designed to make straight and curved cuts to cut angle between 45 degrees to 90 degrees.

Makita 4329 220V Jigsaw

What is Circular Saw?

A circular saw is used to cut different type of materials using a rotary motion. It can be handheld on can be mounted on the table.

Makita HS7601J 220V Circular Saw

We understand that shopping for a jigsaw and circular saw is not easy. With a large number of options available in the market, selecting the right one can be intimidating. So, before you take a buying decision, have a look at the key things to consider in Jigsaw and Circular Saw.

  1. Size of the saw

The size of the saw is paramount in deciding the best saw to purchase.

Different type of saw performs a different type of functions. So, when you a jigsaw and circular saw, the first thing to consider is their size.

When you are working on heavy-duty projects, a large size saw is advisable which makes cutting easier. While working on small projects, lightweight saws are perfect to use.

When selecting a saw, think about the application you intend to use it. The location of the workplace is also important for the selection of the size of the circular saw and the jigsaw.

  • Motor Power

There are two types of Jigsaws and circular saws available – Corded and Cordless.

Both the type of saws has different motor speeds. The more powerful motor is easier to work on hard materials.

For Jigsaw, the average motor power of 5 Amperes or 18 V is enough for the users. (For Cordless models Volt is mentioned, and Amp is for cordless).

For Circular saws, 15 Ampere motor power is standard.

It is advisable to use saws with high motor power capacity for large projects for high efficient work.

  • Speed and Control

You want a circular saw and the electric jigsaw that pour the power when it needs to and is also capable of being less forceful when needed.

The cutting material comes in varied shapes and sizes. So, variable speed control will help you in adjusting the speed according to the type of materials.

The blade in both the saws with a high revolution rate is ideal for bigger projects and ease of work. A saw with high speed is essential for deep cuts in hard materials.

  • Cutting Capacity and Depth

The cutting capacity of a saw is an important point to consider while making a buying decision.

Most of the jigsaws cut up to 2 inches of depth in wood and half an inch of depth in metal. The deep cuts in jigsaws are not desirable. As the deeper the cuts, the higher the chances of the blade breaking and blending.

Blades in circular saw are essential. The right depth circular saw performs efficiently than the wrong depth.

So, the selection of proper cutting blade in a circular saw and jigsaw is vital for easy work.

  • Orbital Setting

A power saw without the feature of the orbital setting is undesirable.

The use of orbital setting makes it easier for jigsaws and circular saws to cut thicker materials. It changes the way blade moves.

The orbital setting of a saw allows the user to control the forward, backward and sideways movement of the saw.

The most desirable feature of the orbital setting is that it minimizes the wear on the blade and reduces the chattering action.

Picking the right saw doesn’t have to be complicated. So, these 5 Things are important to consider when you purchase circular saw and jigsaw. This ensures the guaranteed efficiency and ease of work.